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Build community capacity for change and support your access to financing

We work with projects and communities undergoing complex social change, and
guide investors and managers through international social performance standards

Crisis and conflict are normal

Respond, don’t react.

Community grievances and complaints that are unaddressed produce results you may not expect.

Plan, train and manage them.

Your shareholders and bankers expect you to.

Do your due diligence

It’s not guesswork.

Do you know how to find out what your risks are and whether or not they are important?

You can.

There are basic tools that will open the door to real communication with the people who feel they are affected by your plans and actions.

Create good neighbours

Engage with them.

Engaging people and implementing socially responsible security will help you create positive outcomes and be welcome in your community.

Not sure what you might need to you to manage your social performance?

Let’s get you some help

By aligning with international performance standards, we’re not just investing in projects;
e’re investing in a sustainable future for all


You cannot control your community or critics

but you can control your actions.

For more than 20 years we’ve developed programs you can quickly put in place, based on plans you can create to manage the way you perform.


Find out what’s going on in your operation

or in the one you want to acquire or fund.

It’s not rocket surgery.

But some of it is complicated – like knowing how to find out about Indigenous Peoples, or acceptable security, or how to set up a grievance program that will meet international standards.

If you need help it’s here


Why don’t you manage your external relationships

with the same care you use to manage your finances?

Learn what you need to do.

By adhering to IFC Standards, we’re not only meeting regulations, we’re also building stronger, more resilient projects.

We’ve been doing social performance for a while


Gary MacDonald

With over 30 years working with communities undergoing complex social change, Gary MacDonald is at the vanguard of social performance management.

Combining line-management experience on billion-dollar mega-projects with multinational director-level experience, he brings a proven field-to-boardroom perspective to social performance management practice.

Drawing on more than two decades as one of the leading social assessors of infrastructure, extractive and large agricultural and forestry projects, Gary’s assessment practice guides investors and managers through the international social performance standards that support access to funding.

He has led various teams to assess projects that needed help building or restructuring social management systems to address the risks in volatile and problematic environments.

Since 2002, Gary has helped dozens of companies understand and manage company/ community dynamics and helped build strong relationships between communities and companies in North America,  Asia, Africa, Europe, Central America and South America. He is a founding member of the Social Practice Forum.


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