Social Performance

When you need help

Build community capacity for change
and support your access to financing

Crisis and conflict are normal

Respond, don’t react. Community grievances and complaints that are unaddressed produce results you may not expect. Plan, train and manage them.

Chaos is your friend

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do your due diligence

It’s not guesswork. Do you know how to find out what your risks are and their significance. You can. There are basic tools that will open the door to real communication with the people who feel they are affected by your plans and actions.

Manage your external social issues with tools that are easily accessible

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where we've managed social performance

Or led the due diligence that produces usable results

Your sector isn’t safe from bad management

Lessons learned from 30 years’ experience apply around the globe and across sectors



Renewables & conservation


Renewable & alternate energy and small hydro


Land & mineral resources

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International standards

Capacity building workshops on emerging international environmental, health and safety and social policies

Socially responsible security

Health and safety impacts of conflict, violence and human-rights issues linked to security operations

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